Due to Covid-19, and wanting people to stay safe and healthy,         I am now providing services by telephone or by Zoom. 




with Self and Others 




 I support you to step more deeply into your life and personal relationships,

and more visibly and confidently into your business. 

I help you understand yourself and others at deeper levels of inner design, pattern and preferences. This understanding allows you to connect with your favorite people- loved ones or clients with ease. 

This Means:

  • Meeting and accepting ourselves as we are- including all of those mistakes we've made, lessons learned and even those Secrets we think no one will understand.
  • Meeting and accepting others as they are - (not who we wish they'd be). 
  • You'll know how to recognize and speak to what drives them- whether it’s for connection, their impact on the world, being noticed for their contributions or their ability to solve problems.
  • That your communications will become more effective- whether you're focusing on your spouse, your children, your EX or your customers. 
  • You might see the difference between who you've been in a position or career, and who you were designed to be. 
  • Using new tools to help you find Your True North/Your Best Self in all areas of your life


When you have committed to being authentically who you were meant to be without shame, guilt, doubt, or any apology, a joy emerges that is rarely seen except in a young child’s face.  ~ Debbie Ford

I am passionate about helping experienced professionals bring their life and business into its most genuine version - through the lens of your inner design.

Caution, this will impact the quality of your life at home (would that be ok too?) Then you can easily  help your clients take action to make the changes they desire. 


                   Allowing yourself to be truly and deeply you and then aligning your business interests                               with your deeply held values!

Truly understanding the needs and drives that are behind what others are telling you?


Services provided by telephone/ and or video in the comfort of your own home.

For more information- Contact me by Phone 615-420-7222 or email- info@staceyhorn.com 




YOU - will find a new understanding and even acceptance of the people in your life. 



YOUR PEOPLE -  would know that you see them, you hear them and that you understand them.  

I illuminate any blind spots that may have become barriers to you stepping fully into all parts of your  life- personal and professional. 

We will focus on enhancing your unique strengths and recognizing your vulnerabilities. We then use that information to express yourself in communicating effectively with your people.  

I would love to support you in being who you are, as we explore what's missing, and what you wish your life to look like. I offer an intuitive insight into what might be going on.

I'm all about being a mirror to who you truly are, and perhaps whom you've forgotten you've been all along- with self-acceptance and self-compassion. 


Services provided by telephone and/or video in the comfort of your own home.

For more information- Contact me by Phone 615-420-7222 or email- info@staceyhorn.com