Are You Seeking Deeper Connections with Yourself and Others? I can help.  

Stacey Horn, MSSA, CHT  

Are you seeking someone who walks alongside you while you practice New ways of Being?

Are you looking to develop personally and be better in your relationships, and you are not currently looking for "therapy."  If you want to have deeper connections with loved ones and with your children- you've found the right place! If personality assessments interest you, let's go deeper. Temperament is the core- the Underpinnings of who we are designed to be. This process offers a deeper dive into your drives, urges & preferences.

As a Mentor -

We begin by clarifying how you experience the world. Then we gently explore with curiosity- why you do what you do and act the way you act. Finally, we focus on building your natural superpowers and the strengths which are unique to you!

We explore the magic that happens when you have More Self Compassion and Self Acceptance! (thus - Your Self Compassion Captain)

We explore the relationships that are important to you. We discover solutions that are unique to you and your life. When you communicate in ways you know they can hear you, you also teach them how they can communicate with you. As you practice, we work together to tune it in, until it's magic!

 On this walk, we start with where you are now and get crystal clear on where you want to end up (the Solution you seek). We identify what has not worked in the past, and focus on what has worked - so you can do more of it!

I specialize in having a brief, solution-focused approach - meaning we will focus on problem-solving and your future, rather than counselling, analysis or exploration. 

As you become more aware of your strengths, and we will focus on making them stronger. 

 The Introvert Connection 

I especially Love helping Introverts!  How we restore our energy ( introversion or extroversion) is not an individual's whole picture! You can manage your specific expressions of Introversion when you see the whole picture of your individual design! If you are an introvert, love an introvert, or parent one, and you want to communicate effortlessly, Definitely give me a call!

If you are an Extrovert and are curious to learn how Introverts experience the world differently than you do- (I'd hate to have you miss out on the opportunity to truly connect with the introverts in your world!)   you can schedule a "Connections Session"- which is simply a free 30 minute conversation. If you have questions and prefer to speak to a live person- you also have the option of calling me at 615-420-7222.  

Mens Work- 

I've spent a good portion of my career working with men- often who were learning through trial and error what it means to "act like a man." I've been part of many thousands of conversations about how  men have been told to act, and the confusion there is when those ways are not working for them- not personally, nor professionally.

We begin with your original design- clarifying what drives you as an individual, how you are using your strengths, and what "fulfillment" can mean for you.  As you might guess, this work is uniquely individualized for you and how you experience the world. It has been rewarding for me to hear when men begin to experience new connections with their loved ones, and feel more effective in their professional relationships. A deeper confidence in how they move through their world, taking new risks and experiencing greater rewards. 

If you're ready to step into a more genuine expression of yourself, give me a call at 615-420-7222 and  schedule a 30 Minute Consultation. Sessions are conducted in person as well as by phone or Zoom video calls- so they can more easily fit your life! 

The Results - 

You feel greater compassion for yourself and others.  You naturally begin to recognize the patterns of behavior of yourself and others.  You might even become very curious about how other people experience the world differently than you do!  You feel more connected to your family, loved ones and even your coworkers.

Working with Me Helps When You

  • Want to understand your patterns, and to tune in and to connect with your family members and children.
  • If you are on a spiritual journey, & feeling confused about how you feel, and what you're being told.
  • Might be an Introvert who needs to manage your energy or sensitivities so you can be seen for who you are in the world
  • Are a parent who wants to understand your child, and bridge the differences so you can connect and have the relationship you wish for!
  • Struggle with misusing substances to manage a discomfort you don't understand 
  • Need to communicate effortlessly with difficult people, or simply understand those who are the most important to you 
Yep- that's me!

If you'd like to discuss practical solutions that are individualized for you and your life- 
Unique solutions for everyday concerns - whether your concerns are at home, or at work

Call 970-440-1324 or 615-420-7222  - let's have a conversation. 

To learn about your temperament, complete this 10 minute, online assessment at  Adult Temperament Key Email me your results, and you can experience a complementary 30 minutes conversation about your Inner Design (temperament)          Tell me More!

I bring a Master’s Degree in Social Services Administration and years of advanced specialized training to my clients and customers.  I also bring 30+ years of experience, with thousands of people and their various concerns. I have been a student and practitioner of InnerKinetics®  developed by Ray W. Lincoln since 2013.