Power of Understanding Temperaments

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As a guest on the Soulfilled Sisterhood Podcast, Nicole and I have another deep conversation about Understanding others. Please join in and even subscribe! Slug power-of-understanding-temperaments: https://nicoleburgesscoaching.com/ep6/


When we have a deeper understanding of who we are, we can become curious about understanding how others experience the world. This is an invitation to get curious, and perhaps revisit a topic you thought you knew! If you know your personality type, this might shed new light on it.

I help wellness professionals-therapists, coaches, hypnotists, nutritionists and trainers (and more) recognize their clients in a way that clients feel seen and understood from the very first session. I feel my purpose in life is to help professionals move away from labels and focusing on differences.  I believe that they can become more curious about how other people experience the world and meet them there.

We Cover-

  • Temperament is our core and design - our drives, urges and preferences
  • Type vs temperament
  • History of the four temperaments - SJ (46% of people), SP (40%), NT (8% of people) and NF (6% of people)
  • Removing the labels and masks and giving yourself permission to explore your inner wisdom
  • Coming from a place of curiosity and inclusion vs exclusion
  • Various assessments and the one Stacey uses with her clients The InnerKinetics ® Adult Temperament Key and InnerKinetics® Child Temperament Key
  • Introversion vs Extroversion is about how you restore your “batteries” or your energy
  • How do you take in information about the world (S or N)
  • How do you make decisions (T or F)
  • What is your lifestyle preference (J or P)
  • Gifting herself as a parent and gaining insight about her own mother/daughter relationships
  • Stacey shares how she supports healers and helping professionals connect with clients-coming from client perspective. https://thedeeperconnections/about        
  • Not doing the work that others need to do for themselves
  • Knowing the different temperaments can help with parenting, being a teacher, at the workplace and relationships
  • Stacey shares her self-care ways and in shifting the type of services she offers
  • Attempting to build a business using extroverted methods don’t work for introverted business women


If you aren't familiar- podcasts are like radio shows on a specific topic are area of interest. You find them on several different platforms- and you can find topics and episodes on almost anything that interests you.

I am really excited to have been a guest on my friend Nicole Burgess's Soulfilled Sisterhood Podcast! I've known Nicole for a couple of years and we've shared some amazing experiences along this journey! I think that comes across in our conversation. Let me know your thoughts as well!

For more about the Soulfilled Sisterhood and Nicole Burgess, LMFT/Introvert Empowerment Coach, Money Mentor- please find her here!

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