Introvert is only 1 piece of the Human Puzzle!

Being an Introvert is only one piece of the human puzzle. There is so much information out there- on the internet, and in the various medias about being an Introvert. It's one place to start understanding yourself, or perhaps your children, your spouse or your coworkers. But it's not the whole picture, and if you stop looking there- with just the one piece of the puzzle, you're missing so much! I'd liken it to trying to understand a whole person, but stopping at the outsides- their gender, or their skin color, where they live, what they do or what car they drive! If you think of yourself, how much understanding of you would someone else have of you if they stop at the outside?

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Introvert -one piece of the Human Puzzle

Understanding This Difference

Introversion and Extroversion are simply how we restore our energy, our batteries if you will. Introverts are not necessarily stuck up, antisocial, too quiet, too sensitive, or too shy.  It is absolutely not about whether they like to be around other people or how "social" they are.

Introverts:  (25%) Recharge their batteries from going “inside.”   Live in their inner world of thought and imagination.

Extroverts:  (75%)      Recharge their batteries from connecting with other people, places, and things.  Live in the outer world of people and things.

Why are Human Beings So Complex?

There are certainly numerous reasons for human complexity, but when we start at the core of our design and how our human systems operate,  it begins to make so much more sense. This information has been more helpful to individuals, couples, families, and work groups than any other tool I've ever been taught or shared with others in my twenty-five years as a psychotherapist!

There are four aspects of this puzzle

  1. I/E-    how do we restore our energy
  2. N/S – how do we gather information about the world,
  3. T/F – how do we make decisions,
  4. J/P – what lifestyle do we prefer.

The Benefits of This Understanding

  • When we understand ourselves, we can be our best in all areas of our lives- at home and at work
  • When we connect with other people where they are- we communicate more effectively
  • When we focus on our strengths - they get stronger.
  • We feel better, and we get more done recognizing and helping others use their strengths- at home or at work.
  • When we see our other people for who they are- we begin to recognize that much of what we take personally- really is not.

What's Next?

I want to help you understand how this information fits for you. My next post will begin to explore ways of applying this information in your life. This will help whether you want to have deeper connections with others or to become more effective in your interactions!  If you'd like more information on the topic or have a specific question for me, you can reach me at 970-440-1324 or email me at

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