How to Use Introversion as Your Superpower

Information, tips, and hacks to turn introversion into a superpower.

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The Course

If you enjoy personal development, I recently had a free course published, Introversion As A Superpower- at Lifevise- the Platform for Personal Development. It includes 10 daily, ten minute lessons covering: how does it work; tips and tricks for managing your energy; socializing; relationships- at home, at work and parenting, and more.  The site provides bite-sized personal and professional development courses in 10 minutes a day.

How is this course different? First of all, it explains why we need to understand our inner design to manage ourselves most effectively. Introversion is not our whole picture. If you stop looking with just the one piece of the whole, you're missing too much!

Go Deeper

If you think of yourself, how much would someone understand you if they stop at the outside? It's like trying to understand a whole person,  but stopping at the outsides- their gender, or their skin color, where they live, what they do or what car they drive!  Temperament, (the core drives, urges, and preferences that shape our lives) reveals our inner design.

Who are you really, and how are you designed to function at your best? What drives you - Being individualistic? Duty and responsibility? Independence? Relationships?  While we might have any of these in different degrees, one is our primary drive, and our patterns demonstrate who we are.

Not All Alike

Reading blogs and listening to podcasts can be so enlightening, or simply confusing. We simply do not experience the world in the same ways! Not everyone wants or needs to understand themselves deeply, or wonders what's wrong with them because they don't do "it" like everyone else! For some of us, life is very black and white, with no fuzzy edges, while for others, life is experienced in numerous shades of grey, and may be subject to the situation or the time of day! The way we make decisions may be strictly facts and analysis, while some of us will add the step of considering how do I feel about this, or how would others feel about it? None of these are wrong, simply different ways of experiencing the world!

Becoming Our Personal Best

As you can see, there are several factors that influence Introversion, and understanding our particular design can allow us to put on our capes and use it for the power of the good! I would love to hear your thoughts on the course, if Introversion is a part of your life. If you are interested in going into a bit deeper understanding of yourself, please drop me an email and get in touch!

Truly and Deeply,



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