The Ripple Effect

Each experience or awareness we have, causes a ripple effect into the wider world, and opportunities for deeper understanding and awareness of others.


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The ripple begins throwing a stone into a calm pond. We see it when the stone drops beneath the surface, and the ripples continue outward until they are no longer observable.

Consider the fact that each experience, each adjustment, each awareness we have can cause a ripple effect on the wider world.

We Have An Inner Design

We each arrive in the world with an inner design- a package of patterns which can be seen in our responses to the world. Nurses can typically observe these responses within a day or two of birth. These patterns have been observed - as our temperament, for over 2,500 millennia. These patterns are identifiable and can be powerful information about people. You can hear it in the words they choose, might see it in their jobs, and which stresses impact them. We must recognize them in ourselves before we can recognize them in other people. To Learn More about how you see yourself, go to Temperament Key

The Shift Happens

Beginning with a deeper understanding and awareness of oneself, this then ripples outwards as an opportunity to have a deeper understanding and awareness of others. Whether those "others" are the people in our homes- spouses, children or parents, or in our workplaces, we begin to see them differently. A different awareness of others becomes possible.  Sometimes I even get the gift of seeing it happen. When someone comes in seeking one change, and they often come back saying, "I've realized that what I need- is to be more understanding of my spouse and what is happening for them"...Shift Happens.

The World Needs Healing

Our world is hurting, and divisions among us are being celebrated and exaggerated. Who we love; the differences in our skin color; the differences in the value of our bank accounts or how we chose to worship. I believe that understanding others- whether they are in our homes, our workplaces, or in the wider world, will begin to provide healing.  Our human condition demonstrates that we are more similar than we recognize- across state lines, countries and cultures, in ways that go so far beyond our differences!

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Your Ripple Effect

Even though we may not ever know how we impact others, perhaps we can trust that the ripples are happening. That those who are open to our message will receive it, and an energetic shift is happening.  My way of healing the world is offering a different understanding than we've used before.  It is important that I offer my unique gifts, trusting it is unfolding in ways I cannot see.

Often we minimize our gifts, saying "anyone could do this," when the reality is, not just anyone could. We bring our unique vision and expression of it- and others bring their own.

What ripple do you want to create in the world? How will you bring your unique gifts, without minimizing them, to a wider world and allow that ripple to challenge others to bring theirs as well? How about you?

I would love to hear your thoughts, on how you want it to work for you. Please make a comment below or email me at

Truly and Deeply,



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