Due to Covid-19, and wanting people to stay safe and healthy,      I am now providing services by telephone or by Zoom. 


Helping people change their minds since 2009. 

I’ve been working with people to Release experiences that no longer serve their best purposes-

 Whether you are like the individual who became paralyzed by their fearful thoughts, or the woman who needed to stop smoking before back surgery,   Hypnosis works.

You might be like the young woman who improved her sports performance- Guaranteeing her college scholarship! You could even be like the man who had a mountain bike injury and after healing, needed to get back his downhill drive.   Hypnosis works. 

       What does Freedom look like for you? 

 I have felt honored to help thousands of people make changes their lives- specializing in:

  • Habit Changes 
  • Removing and reducing fears
  • Eliminating tobacco and vaping; 
  • Releasing excess weight
  • Changing eating/food habits
  • Minimize or eliminate sugar


Hypnosis is a Change Process versus an "Instant Miracle". 

Hypnosis is considered Rapid Change Therapy for a reason. Most personal changes and reinforcement are accomplished with 3 to 6 sessions.  

For Relief  - please call 615-420-7222. 

Sessions are conducted by telephone and/or video in the comfort of your own home


Through Hypnosis, my clients go from “Trying” to make changes, to successfully Making changes in their lives! I teach clients techniques they can use, anytime, anywhere to help themselves.


How Will Hypnosis Help You in 2020?

Our subconscious is where many of our habits lie- underneath the conscious mind where we first Decide to make changes. If you've Decided, but haven't been able to enact that change.. it may be time to change at the Subconscious level. You might think of that like re-recording over a VHS tape..

Change your Mind to Change Your LIfe


Our Specialties - Anxieties, Fears, Trauma, Habits

Your thoughts, beliefs and/or actions have caused you anxiety, shame, and fear.

You want to end habitual, and repetitive behaviors.

Test-taking simply paralyzes you so you aren't performing as well as you Know you can!

You just want to look in the mirror and feel Good about yourself.

Everyone experiences things in life, but for you, some things have just never left. Traumas play over and over in your mind's eye. You want to stop living it over and over again.

You’ve tried everything to stop smoking/chewing tobacco - and nothing has worked. You Need to become a non-smoker

You stopped smoking, but have realized that you are more Addicted to the Nicotine in Vaping!


HypnosisAwakenings will Help you make these changes (and more) 
Stacey sees clients differently- moving beyond any diagnosis. Services are individualized, and effective - driven by each clients' unique motivations. Stacey connects clients with an understanding of their own inner design- whether it's for connection; impact on the world; being noticed for contributions or ability to solve problems- resulting in deeply effective hypnotic suggestions or whole life alignment.  

Sessions may be conducted by telephone/video in the comfort of your own home

Please call 615-420-7222 or email info@staceyhorn.com